Bathroom Partition Materials

There are a variety of Bathroom Partition Materials to choose from. Whether it’s a new bathroom or existing restroom there are important factors to consider when choosing your bathroom partition material.

To help you decide what material you want for your toilet partition we have broken down some of the advantages and disadvantages of different types of partition materials.

5 Types of Bathroom Partition Materials

1. Powder Coated Steel Material

Produced by covering panels of honeycomb cardboard with thick sheets of metal. Then baking a coating of colored powder on to the metal.

It is the most popular material used today.

Available in Floor Supported, Floor Supported with Headrail Brace and  Floor to Ceiling.


      • Least Expensive
      • Certain sizes and colors are available for shipment in 3 days or less
      • As a result of vandalism or rusting, Powder Coated Steel is easy to re-paint
      • Cleans easy with mild soap


      • Will rust in a wet environment
      • Most susceptible to graffiti and scratches

2. Solid Plastic (HDPE)

Performs well as a toilet partition wall.  material has a solid color throughout.  Requires little maintenance over time.

Available in Floor Supported with Headrail Brace and Floor to Ceiling.


      • Highly resistant to vandalism, moisture, and bacteria
      • Applications include humid, wet, high traffic and vandal prone areas
      • Continuous aluminum brackets are standard as well as two 8″ aluminum hinges on standard doors
      • Optional hardware available include continuous stainless steel piano hinges or continuous aluminum hinges adding to the durability of the installation
      • Graffiti is easily removed
      • Dent proof
      • Stainless steel hardware is available
      • Easy to clean


      • Expensive

3. Stainless Steel

Polished to a satin finish and offers the ultimate in toilet partitions.

Available in Floor Supported , Floor Supported with Headrail Brace and  Floor to Ceiling.


      • Made for style, durability and high traffic areas
      • Rust resistant
      • Scratches can be removed with buffing
      • Stainless steel stands up extremely well to most conditions


      • Not well-suited for high-moisture environments
      • More expensive than HDPE
      • Hardware is not as durable as solid plastic

4. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)

A highly durable toilet partition system with a resin rich surface that is durable and easy to clean. The FRP is bonded to a solid 90% wood substrate core. Virtually 100% of our wood supply comes from managed forestlands.

Available in Floor Supported with Headrail Brace.


      • Highly durable, graffiti resistant surface
      • Can be used in high traffic and wet areas
      • Less expensive than stainless steel and solid plastic
      • Rounded corners and bull nosed edges with a hardy poly edge coating
      • FRP won’t dent, rust, corrode or delaminate
      • Easy to clean


      • Scratches will show on dark colors
      • Limited color choices

5. Phenolic

Created by adding a synthetic polymer (phenolic resin) layer to a core layer of compressed paper, then curing it under high heat and pressure.

Available in Floor Supported, Floor Supported with Headrail Brace and  Floor to Ceiling.


      • Applications include humid and wet areas
      • Included is heavy duty stainless steel hardware
      • Most durable of all materials
      • Easy to clean


      • Most Expensive

Above all our main goal is to find what will work best for each situation. Whether it’s style, color or bathroom partition material we work closely with every customer and make sure we get it right the first time.

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