HDPE Solid Plastic Floor Braced Urinal Screen


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General Partitions Floor Braced Screen (FBS-7) solid plastic urinal screens are 1” thick panel supported by a floor supported pilaster (see Series 30 toilet partitions specification). Surface has a beautiful cobblestone finish to help prevent scratches. Completely water resistant, can be used under any moisture condition.

All standard orders will ship within 48 hours if order is placed by 10am Eastern time.

Custom orders are available. Complete toilet partitions compartments available. Please call for a Free quote.

Urinal screens are non-returnable. If you’re not sure what to order please call us at 1-800-843-7878 and Centar Industries will make sure you get your order done right the first time.

Solid Plastic (HDPE), Urinal Screens HDPE Solid Plastic Floor Braced Urinal Screen

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HDPE Colors

205 Galary, 220 Cobalt, 225 Designer White, 228 Linen, 236 Sterling, 238 Oyster, 240 Colonial, 242 Titanium, 250 Onyx, 260 Sandstone, 262 Latte, 272 Fern, 274 Hunter, 290 Bordeaux, 295 Cranberry, 501 Hammered Stainless, 601 Topaz, 604 Limestone, 605 Granite, 608 Quartz

Urinal Screen Sizes

18 x 55, 24 x 55