30 Series Floor Supported

The 30 Series Toilet Partitions are used where no overhead bracing is required, but ceiling hung partitions are impractical. The 30 Series (floor supported) is ideal – modern spaciousness and rigidity are important features.

The 30 Series is also featured in a 54″ junior size which has proved to be a great help with young children, which makes it perfect for elementary schools.

Fax your layout and zip code to 800-899-2398 and find out how affordable new partitions can be.

Follow the instructions below to receive a more accurate quote.

1. Measure Stalls:

A = Stall width and

B = Panel size


C = Overall stall depth and

D = Overall width

2. Type of Layout:

  • Between Walls
  • In a Corner
  • Free Standing
  • Alcove

Between Walls     In a Corner    Free Standing   Alcove

3. Material Desired:

  • Baked Enamel
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic
  • Solid Plastic
  • Phenolic Core
  • Stainless Steel

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