40 Series Headrail Braced

The 40 Series Headrail Braced Toilet Partitions are the most popular style of toilet compartment constructions (floor supported with headrail).

It is recommended for new and old buildings where economy, ease of installation, and rigid overhead bracing are required.

Fax your layout and zip code to 800-899-2398 and find out how affordable new partitions can be.

Follow the instructions below to receive a more accurate quote.

1. Measure Stalls:

A = Stall width and

B = Panel size


C = Overall stall depth and

D = Overall width

2. Type of Layout:

  • Between Walls
  • In a Corner
  • Free Standing
  • Alcove

Between Walls     In a Corner    Free Standing   Alcove

3. Material Desired:

  • Baked Enamel
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic
  • Solid Plastic
  • Phenolic Core
  • Stainless Steel

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