Locker Refurbishing

Centar Industries can refurbish your lockers on site. You might not have thought about locker refurbishing, because you might have thought it too disruptive and messy, not to mention expensive. Centar Industries can paint your lockers quickly and inexpensively at 10-20% of replacement cost.

Not good as new, better than new

Because older lockers were built from stronger metals, refurbished lockers typically outlast new lockers, and at a fraction of the cost.

Our process

We start by replacing any missing or faulty parts, including hinges, latches or, if necessary, the entire door. Bolts will have been replaced with rivets for even better security and longevity. As soon as repairs are completed, entire banks of lockers are inspected for proper installation. Where necessary, they’re anchored securely to the wall (important in earthquake-prone areas). Once the lockers are working like new, it’s time to make them look like new.

A thorough makeover

For a long-lasting paint finish, Centar uses electrostatic painting. Locker surfaces are prepped, washed, and areas to be left unpainted are masked. Then the lockers receive a base coat, top coat and—the secret to making them look like brand new—a texturing coat.

Highest quality materials

Because we want your refurbished lockers to last, Centar uses only the highest quality paint, polyurethane or two-part epoxy with an optional clear coat. For lockers installed outdoors, we even offer UV protection

Final details and inspections

Once the lockers have been painted, we’ll attach new numbers and reinstall handles and locks. (New locks are available for an additional cost.) Then we’ll perform one more final inspection and be on our way.

Refurbishing uplifts your entire school

Knowing you’ve saved 80 to 90 percent of the cost of brand new lockers can be very rewarding. So is the sense of pride students and teachers feel when their school gets a facelift.

No Mess

If you’ve never considered refurbishment because you assumed it would be too disruptive or messy, think again. Centar can restore your lockers on-site, quickly and inexpensively, without affecting your students.

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