Toilet Partition Parts

Centar Industries have over 300 parts for repair of restroom toilet partitions in order to keep your restrooms operating full-time. We’re your one-stop online shop for Toilet Partition Parts.

We have the largest selection of partition parts including:

Strike and keepers
Miscellaneous toilet partition parts

Centar Industries has been a trusted distributor for more than 35 years.  Call Today to get a Free Quote about single or bulk orders at (800) 843-7878.

  • Manufacturers Hardware

    Manufacturers Hardware (144)

  • Latches

    Latches (17)

  • Strike and Keeper

    Strike and Keeper (24)

  • Hinges

    Hinges (7)

  • Brackets

    Brackets (55)

  • Pilaster Shoe

    Pilaster Shoe (18)

  • Miscellaneous Parts

    Miscellaneous Parts (24)

  • Fasteners

    Fasteners (27)

  • Misc Stainless Steel Hardware

    Misc Stainless Steel Hardware (30)