Complete Restrooms

Centar Industries have been supplying Toilet Partitions and Restroom Partitions to schools, businesses, health clubs and government institutions in multiple colors , materials and styles for more than 35 years.

We can match the public restroom decor that remains solid and sturdy under years of harsh public traffic.

From the 30 Series, 40 Series Headrail and 60 Series Floor to Ceiling styles of Toilet and Bathroom Partitions, together we can find the size, style, and color for all your needs.

Why choose Centar for your new toilet partitions?

Centar Industries has been serving schools and businesses since 1983.
New installation or retro-fit Centar has solutions for your specific needs.
Centar will help you determine the best layout and style to fit any area.
As easy as faxing your layout and zip code to 1-800-899-2398 and find out how affordable new partitions can be.

Call for a FREE quote today.

  • 30 Series Floor Supported

    30 Series Floor Supported

  • 40 Series Headrail Braced

    40 Series Headrail Braced

  • 60 Series Floor to Ceiling

    60 Series Floor to Ceiling

  • Color Charts

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